Sugar-Free Sheila succeeds with Atkins diet

Seeking inspiration? Meet Sugar-Free Sheila, who recently revealed how she shed weight in an interview with the Examiner.
Here is the Q & A:
Many women struggle with weight for years. What was your own 
history, and what diets did you try in the past?
Through childhood and early adulthood, I carried extra weight – and even with daily, hour-long treadmill walking sessions coupled with portion control as well as fat and caloric restriction, it just never seemed to come off.  Specifically, I gave Slim Fast, the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Blood Type Diet, and veganism a wholehearted go; but sadly, none of these got me anywhere.  Not even a small taste of temporary success – nothing.  So when women come to me frustrated after having similar experiences, I can truly empathize.  I’ve been there.

What were your results from the Atkins diet?

 I gave Atkins my first go in 1998 by doing what a lot of people attempting the program do:  I skipped reading the book and just followed it my way!  Needless to say this haphazard approach offered me no weight loss after a solid month – even with daily cardio.  So I blamed my folly on the program’s so-called ineffectiveness and didn’t look back … for three years.  In this second attempt, I read the Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution book this time, followed the program in accordance with the text, and was half a pound down the following morning.  Five months later, I was at my ideal-weight goal.  Thirteen years later, I am still maintaining that same dress size today.

How do you feel it compares to the Paleo diet?

 Given all the Paleo menus and recipes I see every day, I would say Atkins and Paleo are not identical twins, but more lookalike sisters close in age.  As for me, I would liken the way I follow Atkins even more to Primal:  lots of non-starchy vegetables, low-glycemic fruits, adequate protein, enough fat to sate the appetite, and dairy in moderation.  I’m also a non-drinker.  Commercial low-carb products are also not apart of my daily menu – in fact, to this day I’ve yet to try a low-carb tortilla. 

For those who want more information, which books do you recommend?

 For those wanting to learn more about Atkins, I recommend those publications written by Dr. Robert Atkins himself – that is, published prior to 2004.
Learn more about Sheila at:

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