Ann Louise Gittleman’s low-carb ‘Fat Flush’ detox diet accelerates weight loss

Known as the First Lady of Nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman has written 30 books on dieting. But it’s for her “Fat Flush” weight loss plan that she’s become most famous. In an exclusive interview in the Examiner, Ann Louise told us how her unique diet melts fat to help you shed pounds quickly and permanently. 

“Fat Flush changes your relationship with food and your body.  It increases metabolism, flushes out bloat and speeds up fat loss with a targeted three-phase program that is designed to activate and support the fat-burning process,” explained Ann Louise.

The original book “Fat Flush Plan” also has companion books: “The Fat Flush Cookbook” and “Fat Flush for Life: The Year-Round Super Detox Plan to Boost Your Metabolism and Keep the Weight Off Permanently” (click for details).

And the results that fat flush dieters experience are impressive: “During the first two weeks, participants report a 10 – 12 inch loss from their hips, waist, and thighs,” says Ann Louise.

The detox phase features lean protein, vegetables, selected fruit, herbs, spices and cleansing beverages. All foods are carefully chosen by Ann Louise to burn fat faster while detoxifying and cleansing your body. Also included are ongoing weight loss and lifestyle phases.

For those concerned about following the diet at work or school, Ann Louise emphasizes that her “Fat Flushers,” as she calls her diet followers, “learn how to make the best food choices available  in any setting, be it throughout the busy work week, traveling, or social gatherings.  It’s about feeling empowered rather than limiting yourself.”

Ann Louise also has authored a book featuring the best foods, seasonings and beverages to keep your body in fat-burning mode all the time: “The Fat Flush Foods : The World’s Best Foods, Seasonings, and Supplements to Flush the Fat From Every Body” (click for details).

We asked Ann Louise about the “fear of fat” that many dieters experience.

“Fat is the preferred fuel of the body – not carbohydrates.   Fear of fat is in fact one of the greatest nutritional plagues of the last 20 years,” she declares. 

“Selecting the right fats for the diet is critical.  The body actually requires fat sources from monounsaturates  like avocado, clean saturated sources like coconut oil, raw dairy,  free range eggs and grass fed meat, and essential fatty acids from fish and flax to keep  hair and skin healthy, to help the production of hormones, and to keep metabolic fires burning.”

And for those who wonder about going gluten-free, Ann Louise notes that many people “have low to moderate level gluten sensitivity, which can affect us in numerous ways.  Anything from painful digestion to hormone imbalance, thinning hair, eczema, headaches, fatigue, runny nose, achy joints and more have been associated with gluten intolerance at some level.”

Fort hose considering going on a very low carb diet, Ann Louise urges that you become aware of the right level of carbohydrates for you.

“Carb intake needs to be based on one’s level of physical activity. In general,   all  pre-diabetics, diabetics,  those who have metabolic syndrome,  and individuals  desiring weight loss should maintain a 40 – 60 gram carb diet,” she explains.

Her recommendation: Get “clean carb energy from primarily from non-starchy vegetables and a couple of servings of veggie starches like sweet potato, winter squash, and roots and tubers.”

Find out more by clicking here for Ann Louise’s break-through weight loss program to reshape your entire body and life: “The Fat Flush Plan.”


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