No sugar, no grains: How to start a low carb diet

Since starting this blog devoted to the benefits of low carb diets, I’ve received several pleas from readers asking where to start. I’ve been giving them this acronym: NSNG, courtesy of the wonderful Vinnie Tortich, who authored “Fitness Confidential: Adventures in the Weight Loss Game.”

NSNG equals: No sugar, no grains. And for those who think it also means “No fun,” well, you need to get a new definition of fun. We’re talking about sizzling steak, bountiful bacon, fabulous fish, awesome asparagus, magnificent mushrooms, beautiful blueberries, radiant raspberries, wonderful walnuts, elegant eggs, admirable avocado and perfect pistachios.

Feel better?

Is it easy to go NSNG? Not at first. And then it becomes as automatic as opening a can of cat food while your coffee brews (yes, my cats have trained me well).

Vinnie expresses the importance better than I: “STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR AND GRAINS.”

For some people, kicking the sugar habit will be the most challenging, while others will mourn the departure of grains. If you’re seeking an in-depth look at how our diets became so grain-heavy and why the healthiest approach revolves around a high fat low carb diet, read my interview with Nina Teicholz and her superb book: “The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet” by clicking here.

In addition, I recommend the following books for guidance:

Seeking inspiration from those who have gone before you? Click the links for details:


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