Robb Wolf: What to eat, what to avoid and how to win at Paleo diets

Are you considering following a Paleo diet? Curious about caveman cuisine? Pondering the possible benefits? We’ve got the answers to all those questions (and more) from Mr. Paleo himself, aka Robb Wolf, author of “The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet.”

Robb takes pride in the success of the Paleo diet. But he’s concerned that the caveman approach is often misunderstood by dietitians. Moreover, he points out that the fact it is so successful reflects the fact that the traditional “eat grains” food pyramid advice deserves a failing grade when it comes to health and weight loss.

In an interview originally published in the Examiner, Robb told me:

This ‘success’ is annoying as hell to me because it represents nearly 200 years of failure on the part of medicine and dietetics. The Paleo template is just Evolutionary Biology applied to food and medicine.

My research associates have published papers demonstrating not only that a Paleo diet provides all the nutrients for health, but that the Paleo diet is, calorie for calorie, the most nutritious way one can eat.

Robb recommends that for those who believe the “calories in, calories out” theory, they consider this: “A cupcake is apparently equal to an apple. Can that possibly be correct? I certainly do not think so,” he states.

When considering the Standard American Diet (SAD), Robb is particularly dismayed.

“We have bacteria all throughout our digestive tract, but for health and wellness it appears we should have certain amounts and types in specific places,” he added. The SAD approach,  which contains high levels of refined carbohydrates such as white flour bread and pasta, feeds bacteria and results in “small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.”

The latest research links that bacterial overgrowth “to a remarkable number of health issues, from cardiovascular disease to autoimmunity,” notes Robb. And while fiber has been touted for health for decades, “it has only been recently that we have understood the mechanism to be that of feeding our beneficial gut flora.”

Learn more, including Robb’s views on low carb ketogenic diets, by clicking here.

In addition, in a separate article originally published in the Examiner, Robb revealed the basics of Paleo diets and the six foods to avoid:



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