Paleo seasonal cookbooks

From the farm to the table: It’s a principle that sounds good, but how to put it into practice isn’t always clear. That’s where a new book comes in handy. It’s a cookbook that provides you with everything you need to enjoy a Paleo diet all through the year: “Paleo By Season: A Chef’s Approach to Paleo Cooking.”

What you’ll learn: Discover how to make the most of fresh, local ingredients.  You’ll become a home chef with a caveman flair, and get more than 100 Paleo recipes plus detailed cooking techniques.

From fruits to veggies to protein, the book is easy to follow – and the results are delicious.  Want to experience a sample before you get the cookbook? Get two recipes, one for bacon mayo and one for fish tacos, by clicking here.

One of the other popular terms in the Paleo world is “fermented.” But what does it mean, and how can you benefit? Those questions are answered along with recipes in “Fermented: A Four Season Approach to Paleo Probiotic Foods.”

By using fermentation, you can enjoy variety in your Paleo diet while enhancing your health. The authors explain why it’s important to consume probiotics, and the variety of recipes ranges from coconut to condiment to cocktail.


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