After losing 55 pounds and 8 inches, Rhian shares low-carb high fat diet weight loss success

Meet Rhian. For ten years, she dieted and struggled with her weight.

Rhian tried different diets, such as Weight Watchers.

“I would be successful for a while and lose weight but as soon as I would stop sticking to their plan, the weight would go back on and sometimes more. I never really understood as to why as I thought I ate quite healthy – eating pasta, jacket potatoes, vegetables and fruit with a variety of low fat products but assumed my own lack of will power had stopped me from keeping the weight off,” she recalls.

At her highest weight five years ago, Rhian weighed 17 stone 10 pounds (239 pounds). And then she learned about Smash the Fat’s boot camp.

Created by leading personal trainer Sam Feltham, Smash the Fat Fitness & Fat Loss Boot Camps combine carefully designed workouts with meticulously crafted low-carb diets. Serving as a guiding light are the Smash The Fat Ambassadors team, which includes such noted experts as Prof. Tim Noakes. (Read my detailed interview with him about low carb diets by clicking here.)

For Rhian, the reassurance on the Smash the Fat Web site that there is “no shouting” and “no sit-ups” made her decide to try.

And what she learned was a wake-up call when it comes to diet. Rhian credits Sam for his encouragement and nutritional education.

“It massively reeducated me as to what I should be eating for my own body. I always though jacket potatoes and pasta were healthy which was pretty much 90% of my meals but they were just helping me stay fat as I wasn’t burning them off for the amount I was eating. Sam suggested I should eat low carb, high fat foods and the more I understood about this, the more it made sense for me,” she said.

Rhian learned to stop eating “low-fat everything.” Once she cut out carbohydrates and ate more healthy fats, “I noticed the difference not just on the scales but how I felt. I had so much more energy” now that she was burning fat.

And foods that she had feared became the way to fuel her weight loss.

“I could now eat full fat yoghurt, butter, meat with skin on which were foods I had always stayed away from. When I started boot camp in March 2013 I weighed 103kg and now I weigh 78kg. I have lost 25kg (55lbs) and 8 inches off my hips and waist, which is how I know I am really burning the fat! I have won two competitions at boot camp and I am still continuing to smash the fat!”

Rhian views this as a lifestyle change rather than a temporary diet.

“I have made these changes for life and I understand what my body needs so much more,” she said.

Her favorite foods now include eggs, salads, steak with green vegetables and burgers minus the bun topped with bacon and cheese.

The biggest change: Cutting sugar. “It’s my biggest downfall as the more I have the more I want. This is one of the reasons I have cut out fizzy diet drinks as they were making me crave sugar all the time,” she wisely notes.

Sam recommends reading:

And you can get all the details about the bootcamp and Sam’s views on low carb diets at his Web site.


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